Bloody Loopings

They're mad. They're crazy. They're big round LOOPDILOOPS!!! And we race them in GTA Online with Lustra Gaming and Propeller Games! Who will win? Who will be crushed by the loops? And who will make the loops on the first try.

Looping Madness

The Loopdiloop goes round and round. No, but seriously. I'm starting to get really dizzy! And the loopings won't end! More crazy mad races.

Windmills & Ramps

In todays video we race in a circle. Three times. We jump over ramps and we avoid being flung out into space. There will be A.I. cars, windmills and fat ladies. You'll get used to it.

In Memory of

That big orange ball I found during the one hour setup before racing.

You will be missed.

Windmills & Ramps (Bonus Race)

This is the crazy mad conclusion. A result of what happens if a Belgian gamer teams up with a Swiss gamer and goes apeshit crazy, by adding wanted levels, a ridicoulus amount of traffic and rockets. This, my friends, is the gets topped of by adding the best vehicle in the game. Bycicles. Prepare for the most intense race ever. Probably. Maybe.