Episode 1: A mess in North Yankton

Time to become a criminal! Immerse yourself into the world of cold blooded killers, genious bank robberies and strippers! Most importantly, strippers.

Episode 2: Vagos Killer

It's just another Repo he said. Just get that hideous, green motorcycle and bring it back he said. What he didn't say is... that this job is a job for FRANKLIN-MAN aka THE VAGOS KILLER! No but seriously. Why the fuck would someone buy a motorcycle like this one?! And what the fuck does Lamar want to do with it?! It's hideous! :o

Also fuck Simeon for giving me these shit jobs! >:|

Episode 3: Tow Truck Simulator 2015

This years tow truck simulator is a big upgrade compaired to 2k14. You are now able to not only use a gun whilst driving around to clear out the traffic in front of you, but your also able to listen to your high, bitchy passenger who WON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Thank you... Now collect the grey car at the square park in the middle of the crowded city. And maybe runover that bitch. Or at least kick her out the truck...

Episode 4: Meet Jizzle

Time to meet Michael's good-for-nothing son Jimmy. Or James. Or Jizzle?! What the serious F*ck! Jizzle?! Just shoot me...

Episode 5: Chop

What does Chop say? wuff-wuff-wuff-wuff-wuff! You get the point... :D

Episode 6: Home Wreckers

Fuck houses, am I right! Why? Because Reasons.