Episode 1

Meet NikNak Sims, Angel Pandaz and Scott Plays. They just spent all their money on a house with no furniture. Lets join them in this new reality show. Forget the Kardashians. These are the Housemates.

Episode 2

I'm still trying to cook, one of my roommates seems to have found a joy in farting in public and my other roommate gets denied from hugging someone. It's the Housemates.

Episode 3

I finally kill off the Oprah jokes, Nikki meets an elderly woman and Pandaz hates her job... Drama guaranteed in the Housemates!

Episode 4

In todays episode: Angel quits her job to follow her dreams of becoming a famous artist, NikNak gets promoted and earns one simoleon more per hour than before and I learn the guitar. And it all almost went down the drain, no pun intended, as a toilet seeks revenge, Yoga almost killed NikNak in a funny way and Angel almost ran out of paint on her first day as an independant artist. Pure drama in the Housemates.

Episode 5 (Also known as the Episode where I completely loose my mind)

So it turns out that if you play guitar badly, all hell brakes loose! People will start knocking at your door. People you hate. People who's mothers you imply to be lamas. And they themselves are lamas. Because you hate them. And why do you hate them? Because, yes, you can. And what's Obama got to do with this video? Well Obama is from Hawaii. Hawaii is known for what? Volcanos. Correct. What do Volcanos do? They errupt! Exactly! So to tie all loose ends together:

You playing guitar ultimately ends up with the erruption of a Super-Volcano of Awesome and Fun over on one of the Hawaiien Islands.

What?! Why in gods sake would it end the world? We all now that Nazi Space Zombies will come down from the moon on Meteors with those floating pyramids on them, like the one on the money.

Ok maybe I should see a professional....